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The sleep supplement of choice for Navy SEALs, pro athletes, and C-level executives, Sleep Remedy is designed to naturally decrease stress hormones while boosting relaxation chemistry for a deeply restorative sleep.
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Why Sleep Remedy Works


Our updated formula is designed to be a more complete product in decreasing stress hormones, decreasing the brain’s sensitivity to stress hormones, and increasing relaxation chemistry in the brain.


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What People Are Saying About Sleep Remedy

“After 10 years of difficulty sleeping, I seem to have finally found my
answer. Doc Parsley is for real! I’m 2.5 weeks in and have only had one
night of bad sleep. It has literally changed my life — give it a try for a
month. I know that everyone is different and there are no answers that fit
everyone … but I still think you should give it a shot. I’m loving it.”

– JS, Portland, Oregon

“It is working wonderfully! After a terrible fall and concussion last Christmas, which I had no recollection of until I woke up in pain and to a lot of blood I knew I must stop taking Ambien (I am a night shift RN). Unfortunately, I stopped taking it way too soon after taking it for 20 years. and went through full blown withdraw where I didn’t sleep for 6 weeks. I ran across Doc Parsley through Robb Wolf and began using it. I slowly began to get better. Now with the new formula I am sleeping 7+ hrs without waking up! Unheard of for me before. I especially like the Lavender flavor and that it dissolves easier as well. Thank you!”

JL, New Harmony, Indiana

“I can’t even begin to explain how thankful we are that we found this. After not sleeping in a sound manner for over a year this has been just so absolutely amazing. Performance and showing up with authenticity and integrity is such an important part of our lives and our business and without sleep no matter how hard you work to push through it’s just impossible without proper sleep. We are finally getting back on track and are thankful to have found this to be a dynamic contributing factor!”

Michael Caron M.Ed, Founder & CEO, Get Burly

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