“I often look back at my struggles and wish I would have known what I know now. I am fortunate enough to be able to apply what I have learned from Doc moving forward.”
I’m a better mother with good sleep.



– Warrior Mom
The story of how Meg ended up on the Sleep Remedy team can be summed up with a single word: Fate.
Meg was born and raised in Western Maryland, where she still resides with her 3 children. Coming from a very sports oriented family, hard work and health were top priorities. In fact, it was on the soccer field where she crossed paths with Shay. The two grew up together. From a very young age, Meg was working hard and pushing herself to the limits.
Unfortunately, it was at the young age of 26 that Meg was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. She never felt rested. Along with chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety played a significant role in her everyday life. Trying to raise her 3 young children, maintain a home and manage her business as a freelance make-up artist was overwhelming and almost impossible.
The antidepressants and stimulants offered to her as treatment created a vicious cycle of medication dependence and side effects. Her sleep worsened and her anxiety and depression followed close behind. Meg began to define herself by her limitations as her situation began to look impossible. It wasn’t until she began working with Doc and Shay that things started to change.

Sleep Remedy
was the turning point

She had never experienced what a good night’s sleep felt like until she started to incorporate “sleep hygiene” into her nightly routine.
The Sleep Remedy and Doc’s knowledge was literally a game changer for not only her, but her children. “I’m a better mother with good sleep. I often look back at my struggles and wish I would have known what I know now. I am fortunate enough to be able to apply what I have learned from Doc moving forward and make sure my kids are set up for success.
“I would hate to see my family struggle the way I did. I can’t imagine what our lives would be like now if the vicious cycle continued. As a single mother I have learned to be a penny pincher, but I can’t put a price on the value of sleep. Doc and Sleep Remedy have given me my life back. How it has indirectly made a positive impact on my kids is probably the most important and rewarding feeling. I never had hope for change, but I’m now living the change.”

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