The moment I began prioritizing sleep, was the moment everything became crystal clear. It allows me to be the best version of myself — a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a friend.
Prioritize your sleep. You, your future, and your family depend on it.


- COO & Mother

Shay was born and raised in a small town in Western Maryland. Growing up, Shay participated in multiple sports while doing her best to balance work, school, and family responsibilities. Shay knew that it wasn’t going to be easy balancing all of her ambitions, but knew it was all possible with the values that she was instilled with at an early age. Her dedication to work hard, compassion for those around her, and drive to be her best are evident even through her work today.

With her active lifestyle, sleep was never at the forefront of her priorities. She fell victim (like most of us do) to the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mantra. It wasn’t until after receiving her B.S. in Health Promotion and Exercise Science, that she realized how she had been depriving her mind and body of adequate sleep. Finally, on the sleep train and pursuing a career as a fitness consultant, she used her expertise and personal experience to help hundreds of clients prioritize sleep in their own health and wellness journey.
After years of fulfilling her passion in the health industry, she took a leap of faith and uprooted her whole life to start a new journey in Southern California. Within days of settling into her new home, she met Doc (Kirk) Parsley.

It’s safe to say that they immediately hit it off. Shay began her journey with Doc as his E.A. Implementing and keeping the values she was instilled with as a little girl, allowed Shay to excel into the roll as his COO.

Withing weeks of working with Doc, Shay began to see firsthand the impact that Sleep Remedy had on individuals. This began to light a fire in her to push Doc to roll out a product for kids.

After relentlessly pushing for years, Shay was given the green light by Doc to make her dream product a reality.

Don't Give Up On Your
Dreams So Soon,
Sleep Longer

As the business kept growing, Doc and Shay were at a point where they needed to expand the Sleep Remedy team. They both have found that throughout their journey of working together how critical it is “vibe with your tribe” and surround yourselves with like-minded individuals.

Shay had the perfect duo in mind to complete their tribe. Shay introduced Doc to Meg, Sleep Remedy’s Affiliate Manager and it was clear that this was another match made in heaven. Shay and Meg grew up as best friends in the same hometown, playing the same sports and even working the same summer jobs together. They remain inseparable to this day.
To complete the Dream Team, Doc and Shay brought Jess on board as Sleep Remedy’s Social Media and Marketing Manager. Shay and Jess met in California where they remained friends for years before Jess completed the team.

With the ultimate team in place, Shay is very eager to continue to bring Sleep Remedy, Doc’s education, and support to everyone possible.

As a parent now, I want to help other parents and caregivers take a more integrative approach to the well-being of our children. With fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and relationships being important pillars of health, sleep IS the foundation that ties it all together. This will allow us all to be the best versions of ourselves in every aspect of our life

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