The Story of Sleep Remedy- from helping fellow Navy SEAL teammates to helping thousands.

Kirk Parsley
April 28, 2021

Everyone loves a good story-

The WHY behind Sleep Remedy

If you haven’t heard the birth story of Sleep Remedy, it’s a great one. A story that goes to show not only the true healing powers of rejuvenating deep sleep but how genuine care and concern for the well-being of Doc Parsley’s fellow teammates and humans at large can make a life-changing impact.


The Story of Sleep Remedy- from helping fellow SEAL teammates to helping thousands.

Below is just a glimpse of the recollection of Kirk Parsleys aka Doc Parsley’s story in creating the formulation that is now known as Sleep Remedy.


“What happens when you’re the least qualified guy? …They put you in charge. I was in charge of managing all physicians coming in to assist the SEAL Teams in nutrition, strength & conditioning, psychology, and so on…


The SEALs then came to me to talk about the things they couldn’t talk about with the other physicians. The reason being, in high-risk jobs, if you admit to any psychological problems, something that may be close to depression or an anxiety disorder, they will get disqualified. So these guys would come in and close the door to tell me the real truth that they hadn’t told a lot of other people. This is only part of the story, but the reason why this is so key, all through my medical training, I learned nothing specifically related to sleep. It was all self-education.


Sleep was always something I felt was at the core of all these problems that the guys were confiding in me for.


  1. Their motivation wasn’t quite where it should be.


  1. They felt like they were more anxious


  1. They felt like they had a harder time paying attention.


  1. They were eating well, and doing all the right exercises, but something was still “off.”


Who else has felt this way!? Share your sleep story HERE


They’re still phenomenally capable at their jobs but didn’t feel good, they didn’t feel at their best. And they wanted to know WHY!? This is what urged me to begin researching sleep. Especially when coming to find that 75% of these guys were taking Ambien on a nightly basis. Full disclosure, I was guilted by my SEAL buddies to create and release the formula as a retail product.


At the time, my SEAL patients were buying all of my Sleep Remedy ingredients individually, in multiple forms, and at multiple stores. This was not only a pain in the butt but also exceedingly expensive. The solution was simple. I would take a year off, keep consulting, and build this little supplement company. I would then open a new practice and turn the company over to somebody that actually knows something about building a supplement business.


There’s a saying that goes something like, “If you want to make God laugh, tell her/him your plans.” Funny thing is, MANY years later, I’m pretty darn close to hitting my goal. I am joining forces with a friend’s brick-and-mortar practice. I have a magnificent marketing team, a super-star COO, and a new CEO.


Now, many of you might be thinking, “That’s great Kirk, but why should I care about all this?” Well, here’s the thing: Now that I have an amazing team, and all the right butts are in the right seats, we can do things I could never do alone.


When I first decided to build and launch Sleep Remedy. I had no idea how to do anything (build a website, e-commerce, boxes, packaging, fulfillment, customer services, etc.) but most of all, I had no idea how to get the actual supplement made. Obviously, I figured it out, but in order to get my product to market, I had to make certain sacrifices in my formulation… I couldn’t find a company that would make what I wanted to my exact specifications, and during the initial launch, many of the ingredients were simply too expensive. Fortunately for you and for me, as production quantities increase, supplements get much, much cheaper to produce.

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We have a great manufacturer that not only produces to the highest standards, quality, and testing that is out there, they can also make our drink taste GREAT.



The Story Continues, Imagine The Possible…

Doc Parsley


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