COVID-19: Will There Be More Exposure And More Death?

Kirk Parsley
May 7, 2020

There’s basically 2 extreme camps in this debate… 

On one side are people who think we’ve totally overreacted. On the other side are people that feel COVID is way too dangerous and we need to stay sheltered in place until a treatment is developed.

For those that feel we need to continue to hunker down, part of their perspective is that the loosening of restrictions equals a disregard for human life.

In my opinion, that’s a hard argument to make. Collectively, we DO care about human life. At the very least, we care about our own lives!

The reality is that no future exists where there aren’t going to be further deaths.

As we begin to move around and re-engage with non-quarantined life (getting in cars, going to work, etc), there will be more fatalities. 

And, as things loosen up, there certainly will be more exposure to various diseases, including coronavirus.

So it seems that we’ve now entered a different kind of debate. No longer is it about simply saving lives. Now it’s about balancing risk while we attempt to restart the US economy.

So what should we be doing? 

Where should we look in order to get the info we need to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families?

For the full discourse, check out my video…

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