COVID-19: Something Weird Is Going On

Kirk Parsley
April 20, 2020

Ever had a conversation that just leaves you stunned?

I recently had quite an eye-opening chat with my good friend and colleague Dr. Anthony G Beck. The topic? Some very head-scratching COVID-19 data points… On our video call, Dr. Beck shared a public data tracker that mines cellphone activity and can pinpoint user migration. ????With this “big-brother-ish” tool, we’re able to see how groups of cellphone users move (location-wise) over any given period of time. Dr. Beck highlighted Ft. Lauderdale, FL, an area that was highly populated in early March during spring break.  Remember all the millennials who poo-pooed coronavirus before the nationwide quarantine? Dr. Beck was able to track how these spring-breakers traveled in the weeks after spring break.  The public data tracker showed the spring-breakers cellphones spreading out across most of the eastern and midwestern states.What does this mean? Well, if coronavirus is as commutable as the popular narrative states, this spring-break group migration should have EXPLODED the COVID-19 cases across the US…But it didn’t… So why not? For answers to this question and more, watch our recent broadcast above.

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