COVID-19: Protecting Your Relationship During The Quarantine

Doc Parsley
April 28, 2020

How’s your relationship weathering the pandemic?… 

At the start of the quarantine, I recall seeing a number of social posts pontificating on the different, cutesy names for the babies conceived during COVID-19. 

But the deeper we get into virus stress, uncertainty, and being forced indoors, many of us – especially those living with a partner or family – are experiencing entirely new levels of challenge and tension.

Now, it seems that rather than having a corona-baby-boom, by the end of the pandemic, we’ll be having a separation and divorce bonanza.  

If you’re currently experiencing some manner of romantic or familial relationship stress, listen up – I have something for you.

As part of my ongoing COVID-19 broadcast series, I recently sat down with relationship guru, Rory Kilmartin.

I first met Rory at one of his relationships retreats a few years ago. To say that he profoundly shifted my perspective and worldview of relationships is an understatement.

Rory has spent his entire adult life uncovering the critical underpinnings of what makes relationships work, with a particular focus on helping clients achieve lasting fulfillment.

During our talk, Rory offered relationship insights that he typically only shares in his high-end mastermind. Whatever your current relationship status, I know you’ll get a ton of value from listening in.

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