COVID-19: Are The Numbers Going Up Or Down?

Kirk Parsley
April 17, 2020

What we know about COVID-19 is changing rapidly – Often new info comes out every couple of days (and sometimes every couple of hours.)

Because of this dynamic, the narrative is constantly being updated. What this means is that it’s hard to feel certain about exactly what’s going on…

???? Is the number of new cases going up or down?
???? Is the death rate stabilizing or increasing?
???? Are we anywhere near the peak of the graph?

If you’ve been reading my recent emails, you know that I’ve made it my mission to add clarity to the narrative, and speak truth to the actual numbers of this coronavirus pandemic.

In my most recent COVID-19 broadcast, I took a deep dive into important metrics to paint an accurate picture of what’s really going on.

It’s my hope that, by understanding the numbers, you’ll gain some clarity, some hope, and some much-needed peace of mind.

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