COVID-19: The Single Determining Factor For Your Survival

Kirk Parsley
April 14, 2020

Your lungs, your body, and your overall health…

I had a conversation on COVID-19 with my good friend John Welbourn. Some of you know John – He’s a former NFL player and CEO of Power Athlete which develops all kinds of training programs (at-home and otherwise).

John isn’t your typical jock. He’s a Cal Berkeley graduate, and very well plugged into the progressive health and wellness space.

During our talk, John brought up a recent interview he did with Robb Wolf where the two discussed some new coronavirus developments.

For one, instead of the narrative that the virus simply attacks the respiratory system, we’re now seeing that it’s attacking red blood cells, causing a condition that looks more like hypoxia (when the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level.)

This new detail is a bit startling and certainly throws a wrench into certain respiratory treatment modalities.

Even more important, however, is John’s assertion of what each and every one of us should be focused on to ensure we make it through this pandemic healthy and safe.

(And, btw, I agree with John 100%)

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