The only product of its kind – all natural Sleep Remedy created by a physician for Navy SEALs

Did you know you can decrease your immune function by 30% simply by missing 1 or 2 hours of sleep?

  • Replenish your body’s essential nutrients
  • Reduce stress & anxiety with better sleep
  • Regulate healthy sleep patterns
  • Boost your body’s immune system
  • All natural ingredients, free of effects from dangerous sleep drugs

To address issues or improve your performance, you need quality sleep.

The ingredients in Sleep Remedy are designed to help you do that.

Melatonin is excreted naturally by the pineal gland. When the sun goes down, the pineal gland is cued to actively product melatonin and release into the blood. Bright light inhibits this from happening, and is a large reason behind why so many suffer from poor sleep. Everything from working late shifts to playing on your phone too late into the evening interferes with this process. 

This is why many first turn to melatonin to help with sleep problems. The issues with taking too much melatonin is that it decreases your brain’s sensitivity to it as well as your brain’s ability to make it.

That’s why our proprietary sleep formula contains only a “dusting” of it. Just enough to get a little bit of it into your brain as though you your brain had already made it. Like if you still lived without electricity and smart phones.

You’ve probably heard of L-tryptophan around Thanksgiving because turkey happens to be high in it. L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that. Within the nervous system, L-tryptophan becomes 5-HTP. With the assistance of multiple other reactants, including Magnesium and Vitamin D3 (a hormone), 5-HTP becomes Serotonin, another neuro-transmitter. One of the pathways of that Serotonin is to become our old friend Melatonin.

GABA is a major player in decreasing the brain’s focus on sensory perceptions and helping your brain pay less attention to your environment. Unfortunately, GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier very easily, so we added a good dose and included L-theanine, an amino acid that makes the GABA in your brain more effective at its job.

This compound has been proven to decrease the amount of cortisol in our bloodstream. By decreasing one of the major stress hormones, we expect a proportional decrease in the amount of stress-like behavior being performed in our brains and bodies.


Available as a bedtime drink in calming apple cinnamon flavor, or flavorless capsules.


After a busy day with a lot of stimuli, relax with a warm cup of Sleep Remedy or take capsules. The calming benefits of the all-natural ingredients well help prepare your body for deep, restorative sleep.


Available as a bedtime drink in calming apple cinnamon flavor, or flavorless capsules.

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What Others Are Saying

I’ve Never Slept More Soundly and Woken Up More Refreshed…

“The recommended amount of water for Sleep Remedy is more than I prefer to consume prior to bed. I found that using just enough to dissolve the powder is what works for me! Similar to a shot. Stir it up, knock it back, and the rest is history! I’ve never slept more soundly and woken up more refreshed.”
SR | Austin, Texas

Best Quality and Sleeping Deeper than Ever Before…

“As a firefighter, shift work creates chronic sleep deprivation in my life. Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy allows me to get the best quality sleep I can when at home.  The new formula is fantastic and I am sleeping deeper than ever before.  
James Geering | Firefighter/Paramedic

After Not Sleeping, this Has Been So Absolutely Amazing…

“I can’t even begin to explain how thankful we are that we found this. After not sleeping in a sound manner for over a year this has been just so absolutely amazing. Performance and showing up with authenticity and integrity is such an important part of our lives and our business and without sleep no matter how hard you work to push through it’s just impossible without proper sleep. We are finally getting back on track and are thankful to have found this to be a dynamic contributing factor!”
Michael R. Caron M.Ed | Get Burly, LLC

Finally a Full 8 Hours without Feeling Groggy…

“In the past, I could fall asleep pretty easy however I was up and down all night long. By 3 am I was usually wide awake but felt like the walking dead. Since I have used this formula I still fall asleep easily, however now, I can sleep until I get a full 8 hours. I also appreciate that I wake in the morning not feeling at all groggy which has been a huge issue with other formulas I have tried in the past for my sleeping issues. Thanks Doc Parsley tea for the great product and service!
Jane | Cave Creek, AZ

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