What Are The Ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?

Magic in a cup? Actually, it’s science.  A common question we get about Sleep Remedy is “What are the ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?” Sleep Remedy- a non-pharmaceutical formulation that is intended to act as the catalyst in enhancing and replenishing the naturally occurring nutrients required for sleep. Think of it as a jumpstart to […]
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Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life

“Chronic sleep deprivation takes about 16 years off your life…”   Quality of life (QOL), according to Britannica, is the degree to which an individual is healthy, comfortable, and able to participate in or enjoy life events. Our team at Sleep Remedy is here to improve your quality of life, one night of deep, rejuvenating […]
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The Story of Sleep Remedy- from helping fellow Navy SEAL teammates to helping thousands.

Everyone loves a good story- The WHY behind Sleep Remedy If you haven’t heard the birth story of Sleep Remedy, it’s a great one. A story that goes to show not only the true healing powers of rejuvenating deep sleep but how genuine care and concern for the well-being of Doc Parsley’s fellow teammates and […]
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