Is it Safe to Take Melatonin?

I have no idea how many lectures and symposiums I’ve done, how many emails, tweets, and direct messages I’ve answered, but I would guess that about 15% of all the questions that I get are around this very question. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of variations to how the questions get asked, […]
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Why We Sleep- Pt. 1

PART 1: Why We Sleep // The Built-In Clock, Light, and Melatonin   Why we sleep has everything to do with our biologically built-in clock. This clock is the driver of our circadian rhythm, which allows our bodies to stay young, fresh, and ready on a daily. Many people have heard of the concept that humans use […]
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What Are The Ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?

Magic in a cup? Actually, it’s science.    A common question we get about Sleep Remedy is " What are the ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why? Sleep Remedy- a non-pharmaceutical formulation that is intended to act as the catalyst in enhancing and replenishing the naturally occurring nutrients required for sleep. Think of it as a […]
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