Sleep Deprivation Negatively Impacts Relationships

Think back to those mornings ( more than you would probably like to remember) when you woke up feeling tired, irritable, and sluggish. On top of feeling off, you lost your temper when your partner or your kids said or did something that triggered you. Would you have lost your temper if you woke up […]
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How Sleep Affects Athletic Performance

Sleep affects athletic performance as much as many professionals claim - and then some. Click here to learn its importance in your goals.
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What is the best sleeping position for health?

Is there a best sleeping position for optimal health? Or snoring? Are they different positions? Click here to find out.
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How Caffeine Affects Sleep

Caffeine affects sleep in a very specific way for everyone, but we might notice the damaging effects in kids faster. Find out what happens here.
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Does Missing Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Does sleep really keep the body fat off by itself, or is there something more to it? Find out how missing sleep can cause weight gain here.
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How do CBD and THC Affect Sleep?

Do CBD and THC affect sleep? This blog post dives into their real effects on your sleep quality. Click here to learn from a sleep doctor now.
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How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Are you trying your best to stay healthy over the holidays? It’s not as difficult as most make it seem. Find out the best ways to do it here.
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How Does Sleep Affect ADHD - and Vice Versa?

Sleep affects ADHD much more than many people give it credit for. Kirk Parsley dives into how it works - and how similar the symptoms of ADHD and sleep deprivation are - here!
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How Much Melatonin is Safe for Kids?

There's a lot of mixed information about this, so let's talk: is melatonin safe for kids? Sleep doctor, Doc Parsley, gives answers here.
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