What Are The Ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?

Magic in a cup? Actually, it’s science.    A common question we get about Sleep Remedy is " What are the ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why? Sleep Remedy- a non-pharmaceutical formulation that is intended to act as the catalyst in enhancing and replenishing the naturally occurring nutrients required for sleep. Think of it as a […]
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Sleep is for the Weak

If you haven’t said these words, I’m sure you know someone who has… “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” This so-called mantra may be one of the worst. Although it comes across as bold, eager, and typically said by those seeking success, it’s having a devastatingly negative impact on overall health and well-being. Sleep is for […]
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What Are the Benefits of Magnesium? (& Why it's in Sleep Remedy)

What are the benefits of magnesium and how does it affect your sleep? Click here to find out why you need this crucial salt in your diet.
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