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“The Stressless Sleep Guide,” developed by former Navy SEAL and physician, Kirk Parsley, M.D. combines military resilience with scientific insights to manage stress and optimize sleep. Utilizing strategic list building and sleep optimization checklists, this guide not only diminishes stress but also boosts overall well-being through improved sleep. It’s your tool for mastering stress, enhancing sleep quality, and unlocking a healthier, happier life!

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“I love Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy! He combines outstanding clinical experience into a safe and effective sleep formula for anyone who struggles! Witness the transformative effects on your health and vitality with Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy.”

– Dr. Stephanie Estima

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  • Boost Your Brain POWER!
  • Unlock PEAK Physical Performance!
  • All NATURAL Ingredients!
  • Feel REFRESHED, Every Morning!
  • NON-HABIT Forming!
  • Works WITH YOUR BODY, Not against it!

Sleep Remedy Will Help You Take Charge Of Your Day!

Sleep better today and be better tomorrow.

Getting great sleep helps you regulate your neurochemistry, purge toxins, control hunger, and regulate stress hormones. When you optimize your sleep, you optimize your life.

Let’s admit it, we all want to be better…

“Nothing on the planet will destroy your drive and performance more than poor sleep, and nothing will improve your drive and performance more than great sleep!”


The Sought After Sleep Remedy Formula

The #1 Sleep Supplement of Navy SEALs, Pro-athletes, Celebrities, and C-level executives

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is a proven, premium quality sleep supplement unlike anything on the market. Dr. Parsley created Sleep Remedy because there was (and still is) nothing on the market (as a supplement or a drug) that directly treats the major causes of sleep deprivation. Societal tendency is to treat the symptom rather than address the underlying causes.

Quality Over Quantity

The ingredients found in Sleep Remedy serve as precursors to the production of melatonin, rather than dangerously replacing it with a synthetic form. With prolonged use of higher doses of synthetic melatonin, the chances of becoming dependent upon it increases as your body’s ability to naturally produce melatonin decreases.

With Sleep Remedy, can safely incorporate into your nightly routine, without risk of creating a dependency over extended use. When it comes to supplementing, less is more!


High Efficacy and Safety Standards
Extensive Research
Supportive Physiologic doses with Highest Bioavailability
Works with your body, not against it
No concern of a host of side effects traditionally associated with other products and medications

60 Day – 110% Money Back Guarantee!

“I’m so confident in the quality and efficacy of Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy that I sleep soundly knowing you can try the Sleep Remedy at Kirk’s risk, with his 110% money back guarantee. He’s offering you up to 60 days, after purchase, to receive a full refund (plus 10%) if you are not satisfied. I even bargained with him to throw in a no hassle, no questions asked guarantee. You’re welcome.”

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