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You already know sleep is crucial, but are you giving it the attention it deserves? Did you know the average American only sleeps 6.2 hours, while the ideal target for sleep is over 8 hours?

Don’t let a lack of sleep be the unseen enemy sabotaging your peak performance and overall health!

Learn from Doc Parsley, a sleep optimization, health, and human performance expert. As a former Navy SEAL and the trusted physician for the West Coast SEAL teams, he tackled sleep deprivation head-on and designed a revolutionary approach to help the world’s most high performing individuals achieve their peak 365 days a year.

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Kirk Parsley, MD (AKA “Doc Parsley”)

Former Navy SEAL and EXPERT in sleep optimization, health, and human performance

From my early days as a 19-year-old Navy SEAL to my education at the military medical school in Bethesda, I’ve always been immersed in understanding and optimizing human performance. After completing my education, I returned to the SEAL community, this time serving as a physician for the West Coast SEAL teams. During this tenure, I observed a performance dip in these exceptional individuals, tracing the root cause back to sleep deprivation.

Fueled by the need to restore their performance, I embarked on an extensive research mission. My journey culminated in the formulation of a natural blend of specific nutrients to combat their sleep issues. The positive impact on the SEALs’ sleep quality and recovery was incredible, and their performance rebounded to peak levels.

Today, I’m more than just a former military doctor; I’m the go-to human performance expert for the entire US military’s special forces and beyond. As a private consultant, my clients range from top-tier athletes and entrepreneurs to international corporations and high-level executives. My mission remains the same: to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. My expertise in human performance, sleep optimization, and overall health allows me to do just that.

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