What Are The Ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?

Jess Rocheleau
June 10, 2021

Magic in a cup? Actually, it’s science. 


A common question we get about Sleep Remedy is ” What are the ingredients in Sleep Remedy? And Why?

Sleep Remedy- a non-pharmaceutical formulation that is intended to act as the catalyst in enhancing and replenishing the naturally occurring nutrients required for sleep. Think of it as a jumpstart to your most optimal sleep cycle that won’t leave you feeling groggy the next morning. 



  • Melatonin
  • L-Tryptophan
  • 5-HTP
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • GABA
  • L-Theanine
  • Phosphatidylserine


Melatonin– A natural hormone in your body that is secreted to maintain your wake-sleep cycle. (aka Biological Clock). We use significantly less than 1mg as a spark in your system to begin initiating sleep. 


L-Tryptophan- An amino acid that interacts with those brain chemicals important to sleep and the timing of your sleep-wake cycle. Tryptophan increases serotonin, which also increases melatonin.


5-HTP- Healthy serotonin levels are essential for maintaining healthy melatonin levels—and both serotonin and melatonin are critical to sleep and a well-functioning bio clock. With its ability to increase serotonin, 5-HTP supports a neurochemical process that can enable high-quality sleep and keep the body’s bio clock in sync.


Magnesium-  An essential mineral that plays a role in sleep because it promotes the production of gamma amino-butyric acid ( aka GABA). This neurotransmitter reduces the excitability of cells in your brain and nervous system promoting calmness. 


Vitamin D3- Vitamin D3 also promotes healthy sleep. It is known to influence both the quality and quantity of sleep because areas of the brain that are associated with sleep have receptors for Vitamin D3.


GABA– The body’s own GABA activity is important for sleep. GABA enables the body and mind to relax and fall asleep, and sleep soundly throughout the night. By reducing the excitability of those nerve cells, GABA has a calming effect on the brain and body. So it helps reduce anxiety, stress, and promotes sleep.


L-Theanine- The reason why L-theanine is great for helping you sleep is that it calms your brain cells. L-theanine increases the production of the calming neurotransmitter GABA. Which is responsible for decreasing overactive neurons.


Phosphatidylserine- A phospholipid naturally occurring in the body that stops hyperactive production of cortisol in the body, allowing unhealthy, elevated cortisol levels to decrease, and consequently, more restful sleep to occur.


 Phosphatidylserine is a great option for those wanting to improve sleep, as it works by a natural mechanism (lowering Cortisol to normal levels).



Here’s a little breakdown for you:


Melatonin, L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, Magnesium, Vitamin D3

We put a tiny amount of Melatonin in the product. But not too much. Enough to get just a little bit in your brain as though your brain had already made it. Like it would have if you still lived without electricity. Don’t worry, the following ingredients will help you make more on your own. 

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Within your nervous system, Tryptophan becomes 5-HTP. With the assistance of multiple other reactants, including Magnesium and Vitamin D3 (a hormone), 5-HTP becomes Serotonin, another neurotransmitter. One of the pathways of that Serotonin is to become our old friend Melatonin.


GABA and L-theanine

GABA is a major player in decreasing the brain’s focus on sensory perceptions and helping your brain pay less attention to your environment. Unfortunately, GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier very easily, so we added a good dose and included L-theanine, an amino acid that makes the GABA in your brain more effective at its job.



This compound has been proven to decrease the amount of cortisol in our bloodstream. By decreasing one of the major stress hormones, we expect a proportional decrease in the amount of stress-like behavior being performed in our brains and bodies.


To be clear, this is not a free pass to act like a stressed-out maniac, take Sleep Remedy, and sleep like a teenager. Attention still needs to be given to behaviors that prepare our brain and body to sleep (read my blog on sleep hygiene).


What makes this combination incredibly effective?


This formula is a complete product in decreasing stress hormones, decreasing the brain’s sensitivity to stress hormones, and increasing relaxation chemistry in the brain leading up to sleep.


This new combination should be superior for people who have maintenance insomnia (waking up in the middle of the night). The amount and quality of several of the ingredients have been reported to last longer in the bloodstream which is likely to keep stress hormones lower while sleeping, thus keeping you asleep through the night.

Read about how the WHY behind the creation of Sleep Remedy


Imagine the possible…

When you wake up every morning refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged to take on the day and show up as the best version of yourself. 

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