Sleep & Recovery : Doc Parsley x Unbeatable Mind Podcast

Jess Rocheleau
June 15, 2021
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” In this two-part interview, Mark Divine talks to his old friend Dr. Kirk Parsley. Doc Parsley is a former SEAL who is now an MD who specializes in sleep. He realized that most of us are getting less sleep than we need and are kind of seeing sleep as “the enemy” or a waste of time. As a result, he developed his “sleep cocktail” for SEAL patients and has now developed it for all of us as the Sleep Remedy.

Learn how:

-Lack of sleep just accelerates the aging process

-Working out while being sleep deprived is counterproductive—no benefits

-Sleep is a part of life that we must accept—16 hours awake and 8 hours of sleep for recovery

Listen to this episode to get a better understanding of how your sleep is important to how you deal with this VUCA environment. ”

Read more on how sleep impacts performance.

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