N1 Fitness Podcast with Marcus Sidhu: Episode 45, Being a Navy SEAL Doctor with Kirk Parsley

Kirk Parsley
March 4, 2019

Doc joins Marcus Sidhu, the founder and head fat loss coach at N1 Fitness, for a special podcast episode all about being a doctor to the Navy SEALs and managing sleep for shift workers. Specifics include…

  • Common symptoms of sleep debt and shift work
  • How Kirk got the SEALs off of sleep drugs
  • The bunker test
  • Alcohol, sleep drugs and over the counter meds
  • Marijuana and sleep
  • How to pay off sleep debt for shift workers
  • Why do we sleep?


For more content about the effects of sleep on shift workers, check out another blog by Doc – Tips to Mitigate the Effects of Performance and Sleep Decline Associated with Shift Work

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