How CBD Interacts with Sleep Remedy

Kirk Parsley
December 24, 2020
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Have you heard that CBD or other cannabis products could help improve your sleep?

Or maybe you’re already using them, but you’re curious if they’re actually beneficial for you long-term?

This article is going to get into CBD specifically – and how it interacts with my Sleep Remedy supplement. 

If you’d like the full breakdown on both THC and CBD for sleep, you can read that article here

But if you enjoy the effects of CBD and you’re wondering how to improve your sleep even more, this is the right place for you!

CBD affects sensory awareness

So, in the THC and CBD blog listed above, I get into how CBD is beneficial for sleep.

While no cannabinoids actually plug into the chemical process of sleep, certain ones (CBD included) can help aid the process of falling asleep.

This means that if you’re not taking CBD, it’s not like you’re nutritionally deficient in something that’s required for sleep. 

However, CBD does aid in decreased sensory perception.

This might sound bad at first, but it’s actually a requirement for falling asleep.

Think about it: you don’t fall asleep if you keep thinking you’re hearing someone break in downstairs.

This is also why CBD has been found to be so beneficial for people with anxiety: it’s taking the “edge” off of the senses that are overreacting to certain things around them. 

Taking it back to how CBD can be complementary to sleep: we need a solid nighttime routine for reliably quality sleep. 

One of the reasons why we encourage parents to give their kids a bath, put them in soft sleepwear, and read them a bedtime story is because it decreases sensory awareness.

All of those activities are taking the mind off of things that happened throughout the day, while supporting the physical perception of safety.

That’s why it’s difficult to sleep when you’re uncomfortable – you’re fighting the primal sensory awareness that something nearby could be “unsafe.” 

And even though we mostly think of a kid’s routine when we picture “nighttime rituals,” that’s actually something we all need. 

So, if part of your routine is taking CBD oil to decrease sensory awareness on the neurological level, you’re setting yourself up for sleepy success. 

CBD and sleep remedy


Sleep Remedy affects the chemical process of sleep

Now, let’s dive into how Sleep Remedy can help improve your sleep.

My Sleep Remedy supplement is designed with the chemical process of sleep in mind.

That means it’s not really doing much for the routine, unless you’re enjoying the drinkable version as a warm wind-down beverage. 

But unlike CBD, it takes a little longer to affect sensory awareness.

The way Sleep Remedy helps is by making sure your body has all of the chemical components necessary to create melatonin in the body and keep you asleep all night.

As a quick recap, the ingredients for melatonin production are: 

These 3 nutrients, when combined together in the body, synthesize into the neurotransmitter serotonin. 

And when the body has ample serotonin, some of that is converted to melatonin – the hormone needed to initiate sleep. 

There are also other components to Sleep Remedy that promote sleep retention so that you’re also avoiding the risk of waking up later without being able to fall back asleep, but we’ll cover that in another blog soon. 

Can you take Sleep Remedy and CBD together?

The short answer to all of this is: yes, you can take CBD and Sleep Remedy together. 

We would need to do more research on the two together to know all the specifics and details of the interactions between the two, but I don’t see any reason why they could inhibit each other or be dangerous.

While Sleep Remedy is designed to help with the initiation of sleep, I believe CBD could help with the decrease of sensory awareness faster than that blend, so you would likely feel the effects of both in much less time.

And once you’re asleep, Sleep Remedy would promote a solid night’s sleep all the way until morning.

I hope this blog helped clear up some confusion! Let me know what you’d like me to cover in future articles.

And if you’d like to try out my non-addictive Sleep Remedy supplement for yourself, click here to learn more about the original blend & Sleep Remedy Kids

Sleep Remedy Capsules and Apple Cinnamon Tea

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