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College students and college graduates should prioritize their sleep on their quest for success.

Summer is upon us and that means school is out. For many young people, that means a ticket to rest, relaxation, and living easy. For many parents, it might mean the opposite. But for a lucky few, this summer marks the last time they will be in a school at all. For those of you graduating college this year, this summer may mark the first time that no one is telling you what to do. Whether you are looking for your first real job, striking out on your own, or have no idea what to do next, that choice is finally all yours. But what about all that rest and relaxation? College students and college graduates should prioritize their sleep on their quest for success.

Well, I don’t have to be a sleep medicine expert to tell you that college students don’t have the best relationship with sleep. From all-night study sessions to all-night parties, college is the time for dreaming big and sleeping little. But, now that you’re on your own, it might be time to start rethinking that. As the structure of school falls away, it is more important than ever to understand how to best make those dreams a reality. And how can you dream if you never sleep?

Healthy sleep is the key to gaining the two attributes that will be the most important in your ongoing journey: motivation and confidence.

We’ve talked before about how sleep deprivation leads to an increase in stress hormones and a decrease in hormones related to confidence, such as testosterone. This combination leaves you feeling more nervous and less ambitious. All the knowledge and skills you acquired in the last four to eight years of school don’t mean anything if you can’t convince everyone else that you know your stuff. If you want to nail that big job interview or sell the world your million-dollar idea, you’ve got to show up the best you that you can be.

All that confidence needs a driving force behind it, a real motivation. If you’re waking up every morning already burnt out, then you aren’t going to have a productive day. Outside of school, there’s no guaranteed graduation date, no big test to prove you were doing everything right. You have to wake up every day ready to chase it. Poor sleep will leave you feeling sluggish, and you can’t chase anything if you’re slow. Chronic sleep deprivation will also decrease your cognitive functions, like your creativity and planning skills, two things you will need to bring those dreams into the waking world.

We may live in a society that tells us sleep is unimportant, and it may feel like now more than ever is the time to work hard day in and day out. But I am pleading with you to reconsider that assertion. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to take control of your life. Prioritize sleep and health, set your schedule, and set yourself up for more success to come. You may be chasing your dreams, but it’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to see the finish line, you have to set the best pace for your body and mind.

I graduated college in 2020, one of the strangest and most chaotic times I can think of to try to enter the professional world. It wasn’t easy to make sense of the world or find my path. However, isolation gave me the chance to look inward. I suddenly had no responsibilities, no excuses, nothing but time to get to work on my own goals and my own dreams. I’m not where I would like to be, not yet, but one thing I have figured out is that my body and my mind have got to be in order. Even with seemingly infinite time, I didn’t write as much as I wanted to, not even close. I was still always tired, still lacked motivation, even with no classes to go to, no tests to study for, and no job to do. You’d think the solution would be easy, “just get off your ass and work!” But the truth was the opposite. If you want to get to work, you better get to sleep.

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