chiliPAD™ Unboxing and Review by Doc Parsley

Kirk Parsley
January 27, 2020
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Hey, everybody – Doc Parsley here. Excited to unbox and review a new product called the chiliPAD. The idea behind the chiliPAD is that you put it on your bed, you put it underneath your sheets, and you have push-button control to make your sleep space either cold or hot.

Climate control is a very important part to how well you sleep. You should be cold when you’re asleep (but not too cold) and you should be warm when you’re taking a nap. So, this product advertises that using it’s intuitive temperature controls, you can achieve your exact desired temperature for optimal sleep.

ChiliPAD Unboxing

The purpose of the unboxing is to show you everything that’s in the box. Make sure to check out the video above to see:

  • The components
  • The set up
  • Explanation of all the features

Here’s a brief rundown:

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the package is that there’s a ton of boxes (the instructions are in there somewhere, but to be honest, the setup is all very straightforward). The unit itself that does the cooling and heating is fairly small. If your bed’s high enough probably underneath.

There are two different climate zones (units), which means that each side of the bed can have its own temperature. The chiliPAD comes with a remote, so you don’t have to climb out of bed to turn it on.

The actual pad essentially looks a lot like any type of mattress protector. It’s pretty thin, with bands to strap around the mattress that keep it in place. The units attach to the pad via some fancy hoses.

Depending on where you want to put your control boxes (units), you can configure the pad so the hoses run to/from the top of your mattress or at the bottom of your mattress. The hoses pump water from the machines to the pad – It’s the water that’s used to heat or cool you while you sleep.

Setup is a cinch. Even a lug nut like me can put the thing together. To operate, you just add a little bit of water to the units, plug the hoses in, plug the power cord in, and turn it on. There’s a digital temperature gauge on the top of the unit along with the power button. The top is also where you put in the water, and then there are instructions right on the unit to make the whole thing pretty idiot-proof.

After setting the chiliPAD up, and cranking the temp way down the pad gets cool to the touch within 5 minutes. FYI: At the time of initial testing, my house was 73 degrees, so within just a few minutes, the chiliPAD takes effect.

Then the remote is super simple. You just turn it on. You can dial up and down the temperatures you want.

As you’ve probably heard me mention before, 64 degrees turns out to be the ideal temperature for sleeping at night. When you’re taking a nap during the afternoon, which hopefully you all do, you’ll want it to be a little warmer – somewhere between 76 – 78 degrees.

ChiliPAD Review

After sleeping on the chiliPAD for 2 weeks using both the hot and the cold settings, here are my findings.

First, I was a little concerned that the machine noise might bother me. Turns out, it’s way, way quieter than I thought it was going to be. I would say it’s probably not even as loud as a white noise machine.

As I mentioned above, the device is super easy to set up and super easy to operate. The only potential restriction – If you have a platform bed with little to no space underneath the frame, you may not be able to hide the units effectively.

What’s great about my setup and the fact that the device has a remote is that after I fill the units with water, I can push them under my bed for a clean look.

As far as my sleep is concerned: During my 2-week test, I used the device during my daily naps and nightly sleep to test the effectiveness of the hot and cold settings. I think the device goes down to about 52 degrees. I cranked it all the way some most nights, and though I wasn’t freezing, the device definitely cooled me off.

I would say that chiliPAD is definitely effective for lowering body temperature, especially if you’re a hot sleeper.

I have a Garmin 5X Plus which I use to track my sleep (I’m a gadgety geek) and what I found from the Garmin data was that I consistently got 30 minutes more deep sleep per night using the chiliPAD.

Frankly, that was shocking to me. I get pretty great sleep in general. In fact, I would have told you there’s no place for improvement in my regimen, but this device proved me wrong.

My other concern with the chiliPAD was that the pad itself has a bunch of tubes and wires running through it – I figured that I was going to feel that when I laid down. I was worried it’d be uncomfortable. Turns out, it’s not.

The very first night I slept on it, I could feel the tubes there. But, it felt completely comfortable (just a little “different”.) By the third night I slept on it, I absolutely didn’t notice it whatsoever.

Overall, I will give the chiliPAD two enthusiastic thumbs up. This is a fantastic product. Exceeded my expectations, which almost never happens. I’m a pessimistic prick for the most part.

I hope you all will look into it for your own needs. If you’re in a place where air conditioning is super expensive, this might be a really easy way to keep things cooler at night (minus the crazy electric bill).

If you and your partner/co-sleeper prefer to sleep at totally different temperatures, this is a really great device to help you balance it out and be concurrently happy and comfortable throughout the night.

So yes, the chiliPAD gets my stamp of approval. If you do decide to try out the product, definitely contact me and give me your feedback. If you guys love it or hate it, either way I’m interested in hearing your experience. And, for a limited time, you can save 15% by using the code DOCPARSLEY15.

That’s all for now…Use code DOCPARSLEY15 for 15% off the ChiliPAD

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