Doc Parsley on Behind the Shield with James Geering

September 15, 2018

Doc joined James Geering for episode 6 of Behind the Shield, a podcast aimed at wellness for First Responders. Throughout James’ career as a firefighter and paramedic, he noticed a trend of ill health among others in his profession, both mentally and physically. He realized the information about wellness was outdated and disconnected from what first responders truly face.

The Behind the Shield podcast brings together experts in fitness, wellness and nutrition to share knowledge intended to help first responders heal and maintain optimal health.

In this episode, Doc and James go in depth about factors that lead to a traumatic brain injury. Those who serve are subjected to considerable risk for TBI on a day-to-day basis. Standard of care, especially in the United States, unfortunately does not always offer the best possible treatment for TBI. They cover some non-traditional treatments that often help those suffering from TBI.

There is a rise in suicide and depression among first responders. James and Doc postulate a number of factors that lead to poor mental and physical health, including inadequate quality or quantity of sleep, and the stresses often associated with shift work. Doc offers tips on setting up the station in a way that maximizes the potential for getting the best sleep possible while on the job.

The duo span through a myriad of other topics including steroid use and recovery, sleep apnea and blood panel testing. You can listen to the podcast below, or download it on iTunes.

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