Negative Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Negative Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Imagine the morning when the alarm goes off and you are ready to jump out of bed and get after the day ahead and don't feel every cell in your body crying to reach for the snooze button. You don’t feel groggy, short-tempered, or desperate to dive headfirst into […]
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What Happens When The Brain Doesn't Sleep?

What happens when the brain doesn't sleep? Lost memories, anger, cerebral shrinkage, slurred speech, impaired wit, and risky decisions are just the beginning of the causes of consistent sleep deprivation to the brain.  Our mood, emotions, and the body's ability to perform are highly dependent on how much sleep we get. Not Getting Enough Sleep? […]
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Maintain A Healthy Mind & Body For The Holidays

Ah, we can already smell the Holiday Season among us. Let’s talk about how to maintain a healthy body and mind for the Holidays.  And yes, maintaining a quality sleep schedule is one of those! For some, the leaves have begun to change and the smell of fireplaces burning fills the evening air. For others, there’s […]
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The Link Between Depression And Sleep

The Link Between Depression And Sleep Ready for some startling facts??    75 percent of people who suffer from depression also have insomnia.  If you have insomnia, you’re 10x more likely to develop depression.   There is a link between depression and sleep. Historically, insomnia has been thought of as secondary to depression – ie: […]
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Are You Depressed Or Sleep Deprived?

The Link Between Sleep And Depression Depression and sleep are tightly intertwined. But why? Well, let’s think about the physiology of sleep – When the blue spectrum of light decreases in your eyes, it changes a bunch of neurochemistry in your brain.  Case in point: The master clock gene – SCN (ie: your starter pistol for […]
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A Drunk, Anxious, and Depressed: A Sleep-Deprived CEO

Having recently started my fourth business and designing my fifth, I can claim some reasonable understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. A business is nothing but coordination of systems that ultimately results in an exchange of value. One party produces an offer of said exchange, and another party agrees to that […]
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TBI and Sleep

Traumatic brain injury here in the U.S. when it comes to our soldiers and veterans. According to DOD numbers, there more than are 347,000 in PTSD’s grip.  For combat soldiers, exposure to explosives and other brain injury dangers are a hazardous part of the job. In addition to the myriad symptoms of TBI, from dizziness […]
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